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How to auto-highlight syntax on a codebox like a pro?

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Welcome to my blog Freeplay!
Today the topic is How to auto-highlight syntax on a codebox like a pro?! Hope this post might be useful to you and please stay tuned to our blog for further updates. Remember the end contains surprises!

What is Highlight.js

The bare minimum for using highlight.js on a web page is linking to the library along with one of the themes.. This will find and highlight code inside of <pre> <code> tags; it tries to detect the language automatically.

This is the easiest tutorial to apply highlight.js.

Step by Step Analysis

First of all, this method, we are going to take help of Highlight.js.
  1. First, use the css before </b:skin>
    /* Highlight */ .hljs .hljs-subst{color:var(--synxC)} .hljs .hljs-comment{color:#656e77} .hljs .hljs-attr, .hljs .hljs-doctag, .hljs .hljs-meta, .hljs .hljs-meta-keyword, .hljs .hljs-section, .hljs .hljs-selector-class{color:#015692} .hljs .hljs-selector-pseudo, .hljs .hljs-keyword{color:#0a8356} .hljs .hljs-selector-tag{color:#167406} .hljs .hljs-attribute{color:#803378} .hljs .hljs-built_in, .hljs .hljs-literal, .hljs .hljs-name, .hljs .hljs-number, .drK .hljs .hljs-number, .hljs .hljs-quote, .hljs .hljs-selector-id, .hljs .hljs-template-tag, .hljs .hljs-title, .hljs .hljs-type{color:#b75501} .hljs .hljs-link, .hljs .hljs-meta-string, .hljs .hljs-regexp, .hljs .hljs-selector-attr, .hljs .hljs-string, .hljs .hljs-symbol, .hljs .hljs-template-variable, .hljs .hljs-variable{color:#54790d} .hljs .hljs-bullet, .hljs .hljs-code{color:#535a60} .hljs .hljs-deletion{color:#c02d2e} .hljs  .hljs-addition { color : #2f6f44 } .hljs  .hljs-emphasis { font-style :italic} .hljs  .hljs-strong { font-weight : 700 } .drK  .hljs { color : var (-- darkT)} .drK  .hljs  .hljs-subst , .drK  .hljs  .hljs-property , .drK  .hljs  .hljs-function { color : #fefefe } .drK  .hljs  .hljs-strong {font-weight:bold} .drK .hljs .hljs-code, .drK .hljs .hljs-emphasis{font-style:italic} .drK .hljs .hljs-tag{color:#62c8f3} .drK .hljs .hljs-name{color:#ff7086} .drK .hljs .hljs-attr{color:#ffb244} .drK .hljs .hljs-variable, .drK .hljs .hljs-template-variable, .drK .hljs .hljs-selector-id, .drK .hljs .hljs-selector-class{color:#ade5fc} .drK .hljs .hljs-string, .drK .hljs .hljs-bullet{color:#a2fca2} .drK .hljs .hljs-type, .drK .hljs .hljs-title, .hljs .hljs-section, .drK .hljs .hljs-attribute, .drK .hljs .hljs-quote, .drK .hljs .hljs-built_in, .drK .hljs .hljs-builtin-name{color:#ffa} .hljs .hljs-number, .drK .hljs .hljs-symbol, .drK .hljs .hljs-bullet{color:#d36363} .drK .hljs .hljs-keyword, .drK .hljs .hljs-literal{color:#fcc28c} .drK .hljs .hljs-selector-pseudo{color:#fbc796} .drK .hljs .hljs-selector-tag{ color : #fbb46e } .drK  .hljs  .hljs-comment , .drK  .hljs  .hljs-deletion , .drK  .hljs  .hljs-code { color : #888 } .hljs  .hljs-regexp , .drK  .hljs  . hljs-regexp , .drK  .hljs  .hljs-link { color : #c6b4f0 } .drK  .hljs  .hljs-meta { color : #fc9b9b } .drK  .hljs  .hljs-deletion {background-color:#fc9b9b;color:#333} .drK .hljs .hljs-addition{background-color:#a2fca2;color:#333}  
  2. Then use the following code before </head>
     <b:if cond='data:view.isSingleItem'>
       <script async='async' src=''/>
       <script>/*<![CDATA[*/ Defer(function() {
        var aCodes = document.getElementsByTagName('pre');
        for (var i=0; i < aCodes.length; i++) {hljs.highlightElement(aCodes[i]);}}) /*]]>*/</script>
This method works quite good in JagoDesain themes. It isn't tested in other theme.

Syntax for making a codebox

 <div class='pre'><pre>................ your parsed code here........ </pre></div> 
For parsing codes, it is advisable to use our HTML Parser.

View Demo


I expressed my views on the topic 'How to auto-highlight syntax on a codebox like a pro?'. Hope you are furnished my opinion. The post mustn't be copied without prior permission by emailing or telegram.


About the Author

Hey, I am Soumyabrata Mukherjee! I am a student, professional blogger as well as an UI designer from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. My blogs are Freeplay and Freewit. You can hire me in business to improve its working and management.

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