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PC gaming is far more superior than console gaming ; Here's why

PC Gamers, don't let the PS5 Showcase Trailer disappoint you! You have something more than that!
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Welcome to my blog Freeplay!
Today the topic is PC gaming is far more superior than console gaming ; Here's why! Hope this post might be useful to you and please stay tuned to our blog for further updates. Remember the end contains surprises!

Hey folks I am Yusten Egg from There is always a war between pc and console which is unending. I bought a PC last year and I played on my friend's PS5. Here I feel why PC gaming is superior.
1) While building the PC I had many options like whether I would go for Intel , Nvidia or AMD. I chose AMD Ryzen 7 5800x CPU and Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU. It was actually fun to assemble the parts and the total cost of the build was about 1.7 lacs.
2) While I was building my PC my friends suggested to take a Ryzen 9 3rd Gen instead. When I actually opened YouTube and searched benchmarks I saw Ryzen 7 5th gen outperformed it like hell. I concluded gaming is not a count of cores and threads it is a count of generation.
3) I can try any type of mod I can. When I played warzone on PC the graphics weren't the same as I wanted. So I tried filters from Nvidia Shadowplay and I downloaded graphics mod from It looks like now a premiere pro beast now.
4) I had number of game stores. Everyone offered different discounts but was the best in deals. I could buy latest games such as COD Vanguard, Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 5, RDR2, Battlefield 4 at a lowest price. Steam was nice too but I prefer origin if you wanna play EA games only. 
5) With some tweaks in Windows 11 my PC now looks like a heaven dressed black cloak. I couldn't experience in words. For better experience download wallpaper engine. *
6) While playing on mouse and keyboard you may feel it hard but throughout the years I have mastered it. I also use dualshock 4 occassionally. I can say mouse and short keyboards are better than the controller even if it is dualsense 5.
7) You may tell that there is no exclusives like God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted and Spiderman series but if you purchase the Xbox gamepass for PC which comes at just 700/month I assure you that you get 100 games free each month and the list gets updated every month. Remember you will miss too doom , halo, forza and gears of war if you switch to only playstation. Don't think about me. I have got a PlayStation®️4 which has got me playing me all the exclusives. Even I would buy a PS5 but not now since the price of PS games is very high and there are occassional deals. I would buy if I not got to play those upcoming exclusives.
8) My entire revenue gets generated from my job and I have a YouTube channel touching 4M subscribers. I earn a huge revenue from adsense and sponsorship. In this channel I used to upload different kinds of video but from 2021 I am streaming as well. I would reveal my YouTube channel when there would be 100 views on this webpage.
9) PC can be used for multiple purposes. I use it for streaming, and even for office work. Could I have done this in a console?
10) Don't judge my name. I live in India. The name given here is my pen name imagined by me.


I expressed my views on the topic 'PC gaming is far more superior than console gaming ; Here's why'. Hope you are furnished my opinion. The post mustn't be copied without prior permission by emailing or telegram.


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Hey, I am Soumyabrata Mukherjee! I am a student, professional blogger as well as an UI designer from Dhanbad, Jharkhand. My blogs are Freeplay and Freewit. You can hire me in business to improve its working and management.

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